The Municipality of Balchik is located in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria, on the Black sea coast. BalchikHere, on a handful of land are a fruitful valley, a picturescque sea-shore, vast beaches, centuriesold forests, and one of the most beautiful towns on the seaside – Balchik, an exceptional place with its atmosphere and Mediterranean romance.
The Munisipality of Balchik has:Territory-532 km2,population-23.789 people,populated areas-22 of which 2 tourist complexes,2 holiday villages and anather 6 villa zones. The distance between: Balchik and Varna – 45 km. Balchik – Dobrich – 36km, Balchik – Sofia – 545km.
BalchikThe old town Balchik is situated amphitheatrically on the slopes of an ancient fault. The steep white rocky hills and the precipitate plummets give the town of Balchik an exotic look and are the “weird sisters” of its “white” nick-name.
On the plateau the new town is perched – the ” Levski” and the ” Ballik” quarters. Balchik
The original architectural appearance tempts visitors to ” get lost” in the cobblestone lanes of the old town, around the stony fences of old houses in Bulgarian National Revival style and yards effervescent with ivy,figs,sed vines and gardens.BalchikThe Marina of Balchik is the biggest in the country. The yachtsmen can enjoy a mild-tempered sea and a romping breez in their sails for the yaer round. The port of the town is ranked third loading and passenger port in Bulgaria. Balchik The seaside alley / the longest in Bulgaria/ is the town’s tourist attraction.The splendid walk twists along the navy-blue eye of the Balchik Harbour, stewed with plenty of bars and restaurants,villas and hotels, fishermen’s landing piers and beaches. It starts at the Marina, passes over the Palace of Queen Maria and winds along the shore towards the ” Albena” resort.