Balchik is one of the oldest European towns. It was founded more than 2 600 years ago.It springs to life towards the end of the 6th C. B.C. as the ancient Greek colony Crunoi (later Dionysopolis) in place of a Chalcolithic (4th-3rd millennium B.C.) and a Thracian (1st millennium B.C.) settlement. The spouting karst springs gave the Balchik its first name Crunoi ( meaning spring or source in Old Greek). The next name was Dionysopolis. During the Middle Ages the Balchik was named after the local feudal lord, Ballik.In Roman times it has the statute of a municipius. Later on it was included in the territory of Bulgaria. In 13th – 14th century it moved to Dzhina Bair, a natural fortification. It was ruled by the Boyar Balik,and so it was called Balchik. After the Crimean War (1853 – 1856) the Balchik flourished and grew into a big corn-trading center.
After the Balkan War in 1913 it was included in the territories of Romania. Struck by the natural beauty of the place Queen Maria built a palace and a botanical garden, a chapel and a villa complex for the Romanian aristocrats.The Balchik turned into a luxurious resort at that time. After 1940 Balchik was again included in Bulgarian territory.